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Main Products: Mud Pump Liner , Piston Assy , Valve , piston Rod , Fluid End Module

Hebei xinhuafa petroleum company is specialized in different kinds of products. It is with forging, machining, heat treatment processing as leading industry manufacturers. The main forging equipments are as belows: 1600 tons of hydraulic quick forging machine- 1 set; 1000 kgs air hammer-2 sets; 750 kgs air hammer-5 sets; 250 kgs and 150 kgs air hammer each one. Main mechanical processing equipments: CAK63135D numerical control lathe -1set, CKD6150F numerical control lathe-2 sets, CW6163 lathe-10 sets, C6240 lathe- 6 sets, MB4220 honing machines-4 sets, 16 sets of other kinds of processing equipments. Main heat treatment equipments: 2 sets of each electric well-type furnace and electric box-type furnace. More than 10000 tons of various kinds of high quality forging parts, producing various types of mud pump bi-metal liners more than 30000 PCS each year, heat treatment capacity of 10000 tons. During more than 10 years′ development, we can produce a wide range of replacement parts and liners for the mud pumps of all brands, including Emsco, National, Ideco, Gardner Denver, etc. And other brand liners. We would like to cooperate with friends of all the world for success in future. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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China is one of the most important supply bases in the global petroleum equipment industry chain. If you are looking for Mud Pump Liner , Piston Assy , Valve , piston Rod , Fluid End Module manufacturers and suppliers of related products, we will provide the latest inquiry and quotation, and contact us

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